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Our genetic counsellors are happy to provide telehealth services to anyone, anywhere in Australia.  For an appointment with Dr Milnes, you must reside within a telehealth eligible area* (outside capital cities), a nursing home or be a patient of an eligible Aboriginal Medical Service if you would like to claim a Medicare rebate for your consultation.  For more information, please speak to one of our friendly receptionists.  * Due to COVID-TH item numbers, telehealth is currently a rebatable service under Medicare regardless of location.  



We use a specialised telehealth platform to videoconference to your home or GP medical centre.  All you need is a computer, tablet or phone with a camera, microphone and internet access.  If you have sufficient bandwidth to stream TV or music, then a telehealth connection should be possible.  Contact our rooms on 07 3088 6983 to find out more if you would like to access a telehealth consultation.

how does it work

Telehealth consultations


Many people living outside of major cities are forced to travel long distances, often staying overnight, to access medical services. Our promise is to deliver expert genetic counselling to all Australians, because we believe that every person should have the same access to specialist medical services no matter where they live in Australia.  Many people also prefer the flexibility and comfort of being in their own home.


We’ve teamed with a specialist telehealth platform that allows anyone with internet access to dial into a ‘virtual consulting room’.  Once a telehealth appointment is confirmed, you will receive a link to your login page and an individual login code to allow you to access your consultation.  Easy!  No more travel or parking hassles.  Fit your appointment in around your family’s needs.


What we do best

reproductive genetics

We offer preconception carrier screening for couples interested in understanding their own chance of having a child with a serious genetic condition. We provide genetic counselling for screening and testing in pregnancy.

clinical genetics

We work with children and adults with a suspected genetic condition to provide information around diagnosis, management and risk assessment of relatives.

familial cancer genes

We offer specialist genetic counselling for individuals and families concerned about cancer or family history of cancer.


We use a specialised telehealth platform to videoconference to your home or GP medical centre.

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