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Prenatal testing is genetic testing performed in pregnancy to look for genetic conditions in the developing fetus.  Prenatal testing includes two types: screening tests to determine your likelihood of having a child with a genetic condition, or diagnostic testing involving an invasive procedure to provide a definitive diagnosis.

prenatal testing brisbane and telehealth

prenatal testing Brisbane and telehealth

We value the importance of providing non-judgmental supportive genetic advice urgently whenever concerns in pregnancy occur, such as prenatal testing or screening results, fetal structural or genetic changes or family history of a genetic condition.  We aim to provide the information that you need to make an informed choice regarding concerns in your pregnancy.

Prenatal testing Brisbane and telehealth


NIPT is a prenatal screening test performed from 10 weeks of pregnancy.  NIPT tests circulating fetal DNA in the mother’s bloodstream to determine your chance of having a baby with Down syndrome and certain other chromosome changes.  If NIPT shows you have a high risk of having a baby with Down syndrome or other conditions, you will be offered a diagnostic test such as CVS or amniocentesis.

prenatal Testing Brisbane and Telehealth

first trimester screening

Prenatal testing using a combined first trimester screen is a screening test using ultrasound to measure the back of the baby’s neck (the nuchal fold).  This measurement is combined with markers in the mother’s blood together with her age, to give a likelihood that the baby has Down syndrome or other certain chromosome changes.

Prenatal Testing Brisbane and Telehealth

chorionic villus sampling (CVS)

Prenatal testing using CVS is a diagnostic test in pregnancy performed after 11 weeks pregnancy.  It may be offered for advanced maternal age or if you have a high risk screening result on NIPT or combined first trimester screening.  CVS involves taking a tiny piece of the placenta to test for chromosome conditions or for a specific condition based on your family history.

Prenatal Testing Brisbane and Telehealth


Prenatal testing using amniocentesis involves sampling a small amount of the amniotic fluid around the baby to look for either a known genetic condition or to examine the chromosomes because of a high risk NIPT or abnormal ultrasound results.

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