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I want to know more about carrier screening

preconception carrier screening

Talk to us about how understanding your own genetic profile can assist you in making informed choices  when planning a family.

prenatal testing

We offer urgent appointments for NIPT, prenatal screening or testing results, fetal structural or chromosome changes or any concerns in your pregnancy.

genetic testing

We offer information, testing and support for couples planning or pregnant, adults and families with a new or suspected genetic condition.

cancer genes and family history

We can advise you on your chance of developing cancer or other hereditary genetic conditions based on your family history.


We are passionate about providing equitable access to specialist genetic services for regional, remote or limited mobility individuals and communities no matter where you live in Australia.

reproductive genetics

We offer preconception carrier screening for couples interested in understanding their own chance of having a child with a serious genetic condition. We provide genetic counselling for screening and testing in pregnancy.

clinical genetics

We work with adults and families with a suspected genetic condition to provide information around diagnosis, management and risk assessment of relatives.

familial cancer genes

We offer specialist genetic counselling for individuals and families concerned about cancer or family history of cancer.


We use an online platform to videoconference to your home, work, in the car or wherever you access the internet.


our values

We believe that knowledge is power.  Learning more about your genes provides you with information and supportive counselling to help you make the choices in your life that matter most to you.  

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