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What is genetic counselling?

Genetic counselling is the provision of specialist medical advice, support and counselling to individuals, couples and families concerned about a current or potential problem with growth, health or development.  People who may benefit from genetic advice include couples planning a family (preconception counselling), pregnant women with an abnormality identified in the fetus, children or adults with an undiagnosed or known genetic condition, certain cancers and relatives of a person with a known or suspected genetic condition.


Do I need a referral?

You will be advised at the time of making your appointment if a named referral is required. In general, consultations for preconception carrier testing, a known genetic diagnosis or a family history of a known genetic condition will not require a referral.  Consultations for genetic diagnosis or pregnancy abnormalities will require a referral.  Your GP may wish to complete the referral form on our website.  Referral Form


What will happen in my appointment?

You will meet with either a genetic counsellor or geneticist who will talk with you about the reason for your consultation.  We will take a comprehensive medical and family history to inform an individual management plan relevant to your healthcare needs, consistent with your own values and goals. If a genetic test is suggested, your genetic professional will explain the test in detail including what the test may find and an approximate time for results.  A follow up appointment may be suggested to discuss significant results.


Will I have a genetic test?

Genetic testing is always voluntary.  Recommended testing will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation.  The type and cost of the test will depend on the indication for testing and is directly payable to the testing laboratory.


What will I need to provide before my appointment?

You will be asked to complete a patient questionnaire prior to your appointment.  Please send all relevant clinic letters, imaging reports, genetic testing results and family medical information.  If you are pregnant, we will also ask for your ultrasound scans and any prenatal test results.  It’s often helpful to gather as much family history for you, your partner or your child as possible, including parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins.


Payment Policy

We offer consultations across a wide spectrum of services, including capacity for urgent or telehealth consultations.  The applicable fee will vary depending on these factors.  Fees may be ascertained at the time of booking your appointment.

You may be eligible for a medicare rebate.  We would be happy to discuss this at the time of booking your appointment. Payment is due in full at the time of consultation. Please speak to our friendly receptionists if you have any questions regarding our policies.

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