cancer genes Brisbane and Telehealth

cancer genes

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Cancer is common.  A small number of people have developed cancer due to a gene change that stops the gene from working properly. Most hereditary cancers are due to a change in a single gene.

Cancer genes Brisbane and Telehealth

 We provide specialist genetic counselling for individuals and families who wish to understand their own cancer diagnosis or family history of cancer.

cancer genes brisbane and telehealth

cancer genes

Cancer is common and we all know someone who has cancer.  Some cancers run in families, more so than we’d expect by chance alone.  Clues to a hereditary form of cancer include cancer at a young age, more than one cancer in the same person or multiple blood relatives with cancer and some types of rare cancers.  Inherited cancer is due to a faulty gene, which increases the risk of cancer.  Genetic counselling can help determine the likelihood that you have a hereditary cancer in your family.  Genetic testing is available for many of the common types of cancer such as breast, bowel, ovarian and uterine cancer.

cancer genes Brisbane and telehealth

family history

Cancer genes can be tested for with targeted or broad cancer panels, based on your family history of cancer.  We see individuals and families for a comprehensive familial cancer assessment in order to advise you on appropriate genetic testing.

Cancer genes Brisbane and Telehealth

How do I know if I have a cancer gene?

Cancer is common so what are the clues to a possible cancer gene?  Although not foolproof, the following features are clues to a possible hereditary cause:

  • Cancer at a young age, bowel cancer under 50 or breast cancer under 40
  • Bilateral breast cancer or breast and ovarian cancer in the one person
  • Multiple primary cancers in the one person
  • Clustering of cancer within blood relatives, particularly the same type of cancer or combinations of cancer such as breast and ovarian cancer, bowel and uterine cancer, bowel and ovarian cancer, breast cancer and a sarcoma (such as a primary bone cancer)
  • Rare types of cancer such as adrenocortical carcinoma, phaeochromocytoma or paraganglioma
  • Triple negative breast cancer under 50 or high grade serous ovarian cancer under 70
  • Bowel cancer with multiple polyps


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