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Our team of experienced healthcare professionals are committed to ensuring you receive up to date, expert advice across all areas of clinical genetics in easy to understand language wherever, and whenever you may need it in your life. We are passionate about delivering knowledge and care to assist you in making an informed choice about your or your family’s healthcare, in all stages of life, from preconception carrier screening to prenatal testing, paediatric genetics, cancer risk assessment and other adult non-cancer genetic conditions.  We have a strong focus on offering genetic counselling via telehealth to ensure that specialist genetic advice is delivered into regional and rural areas of Australia.

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genetic counselling Brisbane  


Dr Di Milnes

Clinical Geneticist

BMBS (Hons) DCh GradCertBEth FRACP

Dr Di Milnes has broad qualifications and experience in both paediatric and adult medicine, including prenatal clinical genetics. A qualified clinical geneticist, Dr Milnes holds a public consultant position with Queensland Health’s statewide clinical genetic service.  She is experienced in counselling across preconception, prenatal, paediatric, adolescent and adult clinical genetics, including cancer genetics. With formal qualifications in Bioethics, Dr Milnes has a strong focus on ensuring ethical principles are incorporated into patient centred practice, delivering quality care when you need it, regardless of where you live.

genetic counselling Brisbane

Pauline McGrath genetic counselling Brisbane


Pauline McGrath

Genetic Counsellor

Churchill Fellow

Pauline is a Human Genetics Society of Australasia Certified Genetic Counsellor. Pauline established Australia’s first Metabolic Nurse Co-ordinator role at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne before moving to Sydney where she established the first Familial Cancer Clinic at the Prince of Wales Hospital.  She has worked for Queensland Health since 1995 in a public genetic counsellor position. As the Senior Prenatal Genetic Counsellor, she has been responsible for the provision of prenatal and fetal medicine genetic counselling services for Queensland since this time. In 2013 she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to explore the provision of counselling support for women accessing emerging pre-natal testing technologies.

Lauren Hunt

Senior Genetic Counsellor

Lauren holds a Fellowship with the Human Genetics Society of Australasia as a Certified Genetic Counsellor. Lauren has over 10 years clinical experience, in an array of different medical specialties including prenatal, paediatric, cardiac and cancer.  During her career, Lauren has worked in adult and children’s hospitals including the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney, and the Queensland Children’s Hospital. Lauren holds a Senior Genetic Counsellor position at Queensland Health and is an Associate Lecturer with the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, University of Queensland. Lauren also contributes regularly to research, with over 10 publications in peer reviewed journals, with two as the lead investigator and author. In addition to Lauren’s clinical work, she served on the executive committee of the Australasian Society of Genetic Counsellors from 2012-2016, and is the co-editor for the Australasian genetic counsellor newsletter.

Thank you, Lauren for your clinical expertise and your therapeutic communication to equally alleviate our fears whilst providing us with evidence based information so we can make an informed decision.


What we do best

reproductive genetics

We offer preconception carrier screening for couples interested in understanding their own chance of having a child with a serious genetic condition. We provide genetic counselling for screening and testing in pregnancy.

clinical genetics

We work with children and adults with a suspected genetic condition to provide information around diagnosis, management and risk assessment of relatives.

familial cancer genes

We offer specialist genetic counselling for individuals and families concerned about cancer or family history of cancer.


We use a specialised telehealth platform to videoconference to your home or GP medical centre.


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