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Our team of experienced healthcare professionals are committed to ensuring you receive up to date, expert advice across all areas of clinical genetics in easy to understand language wherever, and whenever you may need it in your life. We are passionate about delivering knowledge and care to assist you in making an informed choice about your or your family’s healthcare, in all stages of life, from preconception carrier screening to prenatal testing, paediatric genetics, cancer risk assessment and other adult non-cancer genetic conditions.  We have a strong focus on offering genetic counselling via telehealth to ensure that specialist genetic advice is delivered into regional and rural areas of Australia.

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Our team of professionals

Dr Di Milnes

Clinical Geneticist

BMBS (Hons) DCh GradCertBEth FRACP

Dr Di Milnes is a clinical geneticist, fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP) and the Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA). She holds a public Staff Specialist position with Queensland Health, delivering a statewide clinical genetic service to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, the Queensland Children’s Hospital and regional hospitals across the state. Dr Milnes is experienced in all aspects of clinical genetics including preconception carrier screening, pregnancy, children, adolescence, adult subspecialty genetics and cancer genetics. A regular presenter at national and international scientific meeetings, Dr Milnes holds a qualification in Bioethics from the University of Sydney. Dr Milnes has a strong focus on ensuring ethical principles are incorporated into patient centred practice and through the provision of regular telehealth consultations, is committed to ensuring equitable access for all Australians.

Simon Troth

Senior Genetic Counsellor

Simon holds a Fellowship with the Human Genetics Society of Australasia as a Board-Certified Genetic Counsellor. Simon brings to Genes Australia his knowledge and experience working in the public system in metro and regional centres where he has been providing Genetic Counselling and Genetics Education in prenatal, cancer and general genetics since 2012. Simon has a Bachelor of Science majoring in human genetics from the University of Queensland, and a Graduate Diploma in Genetic Counselling from Charles Sturt University. He is the current Executive Chair of the Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA) and Clinical Oncology Society of Australia’s (COSA) Cancer Genetics Group. In addition to Simon’s clinical work, he is actively involved in both the HGSA and COSA as a Council member. He is on several committees within the HGSA and the Australasian Society of Genetic Counsellors (ASGC) and contributes to research activities. Simon’s background is in the disability services, mental health and child and family services sector.

Dr Kate Wilson Geneticist

genetic counselling Brisbane


Dr Kate Wilson

Clinical Geneticist


Dr Kate Wilson is a clinical geneticist who has specialised in both genetics and metabolic medicine. She is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and trained in Sydney, London and Oxford before returning home to Queensland. Dr Wilson is experienced in all aspects of clinical genetics including preconception carrier screening, pregnancy, paediatric and adult-onset disorders, cancer and ophthalmic genetics, and she particularly enjoys helping families with inborn errors of metabolism. Dr Wilson recently completed research on orofacial clefting with her colleagues in Oxford and she is currently studying a Masters in Bioethics at the University of Sydney. Dr Wilson is passionate about advocating for patients with rare disease and their families and is committed to providing genetic education for patients and their health care providers. She is excited to join the team at Genes Australia and is proud to provide a telehealth genetics service that can help all people across Australia.


What we do best

reproductive genetics

We offer preconception carrier screening for couples interested in understanding their own chance of having a child with a serious genetic condition. We provide genetic counselling for screening and testing in pregnancy.

clinical genetics

We work with children and adults with a suspected genetic condition to provide information around diagnosis, management and risk assessment of relatives.

familial cancer genes

We offer specialist genetic counselling for individuals and families concerned about cancer or family history of cancer.


We use a specialised telehealth platform to videoconference to your home or GP medical centre.

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